"I have trained with several Pilates teachers in different cities. Brooke is by far the best:  inspiring, personal, always encouraging you to strive for both strength and flexibility. I sometimes added a private session to her group classes so I could refine my technique." - Jane in Beijing


"As a doctor, I understood the value of exercise, strength and fitness for my patients but often neglected my own health. As an expat in Beijing for seven years, I appreciated the difficulty in maintaining health in a challenging environment and busy lifestyle. I was a Pilates student of Brooke’s for over three years in Beijing - initially with private lessons in the convenience of my home (mainly due to my lack of confidence in exercising in front of others) which then grew into a small group class of patients and friends. Her classes were always fun, challenging and never boring. Despite three years of classes she kept things fresh, introducing me to new exercises, new muscles I didn’t know I had (and that’s coming from a doctor!), new music, new friends and, most importantly, a new appreciation of fitness. I feel, and look, stronger and healthier because of her amazing teaching. Her enthusiasm and skill is such a great inspiration and motivation and she always tailored exercises to different levels of fitness, skill and body shapes in every class. We had pregnant, postnatal, all ages, all levels of fitness and we all kept coming back. If you’ve never tried Pilates, or bored and de-motivated with the same old exercises as I was, I can’t recommend “getting Brooked” highly enough!" - Dr Stephanie Teoh, GP, busy mum and Brooke devotee


"I attended both group and private lessons taught by Brooke in Beijing. I had never done Pilates before and was fairly skeptical before I tried it. Before long I was attending multiple times a week and I quickly noticed the positive effects. Brooke’s classes eliminated the lower back pain that I often previously experienced and I felt much more relaxed in general. Although I was disappointed when Brooke left Beijing she made a lasting difference in my exercise routine by convincing me of the benefits that Pilates strengthening can bring." – Brian


"I started doing Pilates classes with Brooke over 3 years ago to help strengthen my back and core, and to help with my running. I have been involved with various sports and exercise my whole life, but finding Brooke's Pilates classes changed the way I approached my health and fitness. Not only did it help with my strength and posture, I also found that it changed my body shape - toning and firming in all the right places. All this in a fun, sociable and supportive environment." - Jo Zancanaro