About Brooke

I am a fitness teacher with a foundation in pilates and a love of dance. I am from the US originally but have spent the past 16 years as a local of Stoke Newington, London and Beijing, China. I have clocked up thousands of hours in studios and homes teaching a personalised blend of pilates, ballet barre and interval training.

My pilates journey started in Beijing in 2010 where I had moved my family to explore an exciting job opportunity for my partner. I found my running was curtailed by pollution and a lack of decent places to run. I started private pilates classes with an inspirational (and stunning) Chinese teacher and was hooked.

After practicing for more than a year I jumped at the opportunity when a Pilates teacher training course was offered in Beijing. Again, I was blessed with an amazing teacher, Claire Norgate, from Australia, whose youthful enthusiasm for teaching (despite her advanced years) and depth of knowledge about anatomy, movement patterns, and the pilates principles blew my mind. Claire became my guru and I participated in four subsequent trainings that she offered in Beijing. 

When it came time for me to try my hand at teaching there was no shortage of bodies that needed me to help pull them back into alignment and keep it there by strengthening the right muscles. To get Brooked became a rite of passage for many in the Beijing expat community.

Flash forward 5 years to 2016 and it came time to put my pilates mats and rings on a slow boat from China to rebuild my life and career in London.

Highlights of my years as a pilates instructor

It was a period of growth. I mean literally, I grew an inch in height as a result of all the pilates I was doing. It just makes you longer.

Straightening the hunched shoulders of journalists from the NY Times, the LA Times, the Financial Times, The Times of London, The Wall Street Journal, AP, and AFP. I am proud to say many of the journalists of the world stand a little taller thanks to me.

Strengthening the core of China’s diplomatic corps including classes with students from the Polish, Austrian, British, Australian, Maltese and American embassies.